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The cause


The non-profit organization that will receive proceeds for 2021: 






Miracles to Inspire Change and Healing After Experiencing Loss (MICHAEL) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that helps to provide grief counseling, education, therapy, support groups, mentoring, recreational activities, and financial assistance to children who have lost a parent due to violence.  Seeking to EMPOWER them as well as enrich their childhood experience through HOPE.  We address grief and trauma as well as provide SUPPORT.  Our organization helps to connect children with their peers who have shared a similar loss, learn new coping skills, build resilience, and help them to understand they are not alone throughout their healing journey.



































Tacara Woods, LMSW, CTP-C


Ms. Tacara Woods has been in the human service arena for over 10 years providing diverse social work, case management, and clinical services to many children, teens, adults, and seniors. Ms. Woods has an educational background in both Mental Health and Early Child Development.  In addition, she possesses a Clinical Certification as Trauma Practitioner from The National Institute for TLC and most importantly, she holds the status of Licensed Clinical Master Social Worker in Michigan. Tacara began the M.I.C.H.A.E.L Organization (Miracles to Inspire Change and Healing After Experiencing Loss) 1 ½ years after the tragic loss of her daughters father, due to senseless gun violence in the city of Detroit.  Understanding grief, loss, and trauma as well as being aware of the difficulties her daughter may face, Tacara took a stand against violence and made a choice to Change the Narrative within the community.  Throughout the years she has provided support to one of the most vulnerable populations; our child homicide survivors, also known as the forgotten mourners.  Ms. Woods continues to educate our youth, boost awareness, strengthen their minds, and provide them with pathways to success.....ultimately breaking the cycle of violence!  



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